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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson...

So.. I bet y'all know that Michael Jackson is dead just wanted to confirm that but i think he faked his death to get out of his money problem whatever. I bet you wonderin' why is this girl comin' on to blog about Michael jackson idk I'm just really bored so peace from keaira

Thursday, April 30, 2009

once again...

I guess there is a reason for the title ...well first of all, i haven't posed in awhile AGAIN. Second i don't really have a second one but i do have a question if you call a dude who is supposed to be tough fat do you think that is girly of him comment back. My bff's birthday is tomorrow HAPPY BIRTHDAY JULIE

Sunday, April 5, 2009

where have i been on here

Just like angel wings I haven't on alot it is also because i have alot to do. Lots of projects on the Seuss team anyway i will post when i have time which is never but i will

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I would have used other words in that title but, it wouldn't be pleasant let's just say and sum it up to that tile. Now, today even though Angel's Wing's and Donte's relationship is long done it came up AGAIN and someone is lying to me I want to know who it is.This argument is one of thoughs she said he said and it makes me pissed because it is about me GRRRRRRRRR !!!!!! Donte had said that Angel's Wing's had said I was one of the reasons why they broke up. I was not and Angel's Wing's said she didn't and Donte is lying but I was PISSED at Donte and make believe you never saw that word but anyway they are getting on my nerves exspecaily Donte I want to kill him. I almost twisted angels wings arm off this morning to keep my composure and to make it worse i hurt my toe and he stepped on it that just mad me punching him in the stomach i would say sorry but i am not and i sound mean by saying that but if you were in my situation you wouldn't. Ask angel wings what kind of person he is and you would see what i am saying. BYE because thinking about it makes me ANGRY

Monday, February 2, 2009

WOW i haven't posed in a while but is a little update

I am so sorry i haven't been posing i am so busy with being in between angel wings break up with Donte boy is it annoying right now today Feb. 2nd i am totally on Donte's side i really don t know what else to say for now i will blog tomorrow
OH-NO Donte is texting me .. and now he has called me bye

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Someone I know Has A Hot Therapist

Okay I went to a elementary school where every one knew everyone, kinda.
Now I am in middle school and we slit up, kinda.
I still have some of my friends Kyle, Emily, Alejandro, Johnanton, Ryan, Sexton, (don't ask about his name no one knows where it came from)
I think there is more just can't remember like always and then there is Mateo of boy don't get me started on Mateo.
Mateo likes this girl Andrea but Andrea doesn't like him and so Mateo is seeing other options as he waits for Andrea but as he waits he still tells her everything that happens at our schools since we slit up to other schools that is our way of talking to each spread things around and Andrea knows this girl that goes to our school Andrea knows her from church and her name is Dinora.
So me and Dinora used our super tricking powers to get stuff out of him to tell Andrea and he said everything I am saying Andrea knows and I said what you tell her your life story and he said yeah she is like my therapist my hot therapist and he has a girlfriend and by the way she is ugly. His girlfriend not Andrea

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well I have not been on in a while and thank you Emily for coming over it was so fun we were jumping out of windows (long story) that was the funniest part and particular the whole time it was like her boyfriend was there because he was always on the phone with her I hated it and even when we were watching Hancock and by the way that movie was so predictable  he was there until i told him to hang up. Donte and I get in to fights all the time I think it is because he still likes me and likes to mess with me but other than that it was fun. That is it for now I promise I will post every day well I will try.